Buying a Home in San Antonio: Why You Shouldn’t Waive Inspection!

A savvy home buyer takes control of the home buying process by ordering a professional inspection. In fact, over 88% of buyers will use an inspector before signing the sale contract. Unfortunately, for the remaining 12%, waiving off the inspection can quickly bog them down for a substantial amount of time and money.

Read to learn why you should never waive an inspection when buying a home in San Antonio!

Uncover Structural Damages and Other Dangers

Professional home inspectors audit and evaluate all the components of the house and make a comprehensive report about their status. With a keen focus on the house’s systemic and structural components, they’ll reveal any structural damages like a weak foundation and other dangers. Waiving inspection means that you might be taking your family and belongings into an unsafe home.

Avoid Overpaying

If the home inspection report shows signs of the house needing repairs and replacements, such as roof issues, the house might not be worth the amount on the price tag, and this may call you to negotiate for presale repairs. Alternatively, you may negotiate for a lower sale price to accommodate replacement and maintain the house’s structural integrity. In fact, 46% of buyers will use inspection results to negotiate a lower price for a house. 

Obtain a Homeowners Insurance  

A homeowner’s insurance is critical to ensure that your home is covered in case of unexpected hazards. Also, most lenders will require you to have insurance before lending you money to ensure your home is covered and that their money is safe. Hence, you’ll need to provide a home inspection report to acquire homeowner’s insurance (it’s one of the requirements) and get preapproved for a mortgage.

Don’t Waive Inspection When Purchasing Your Home in San Antonio!

You may regret it later if you waive a home inspection, so order the inspection and ensure there aren’t any issues with the state of your home and its systems. To learn more about why you shouldn’t waive inspection when buying a home in San Antonio, feel free to call our experts today!

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