3 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in San Antonio

When buying or selling a home, the real estate agent you choose to work with will make or break your transaction. While that might seem like a dramatic statement, savvy buyers and sellers understand that there’s a serious disparity among real estate agents. And in a city like San Antonio, where there’s a sea of agents, choosing the right one can be challenging.

So, to help you avoid going through a stressful experience and secure the best deal for yourself, we’ve compiled this guide on finding the best real estate agent in San Antonio!

Check Credentials

Typically, the three components that make a good real estate agent are education, licensing, and experience. To check an agent’s education, log on to the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website. Also, visit a regulatory authority, such as SABOR in San Antonio, to verify the real estate agent’s licensing, and you can also check if there are any regulatory actions and complaints against them.

Get Reviews – Real Reviews

Reviews are one of the most ideal ways of learning how a real estate pro performs out in the marketplace. But note that sometimes online reviews on a real estate agent’s website can be easily manipulated. So, you should ask for contacts of recent clients, call them, and inquire about their experience with the agent. Alternatively, you can hit Google and type in “[agent’s name] reviews” and see what pops up in the Google search. 

Ensure Tech-Savviness

In this digital era, technology plays a significant role in real estate transactions. As such, if you’re buying or selling your home, you’ll probably look for it or list it online. So, you should choose a real estate agent who has expertise in marketing and finding homes online. They should know how to use strategic pictures to present your home in a way that attracts potential buyers and be familiar with multiple real estate platforms and apps to be able to get you to the closing table faster.

Need More Help Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in San Antonio?

Still stumped on where to find the best real estate agent in San Antonio? Try our real estate experts first! We boast expertise in all areas of the city and have been serving clients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for years. Contact us today to get started on your home transaction!

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