Easy Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Hunt, TX

Typically, homebuyers will form their first impression of your home from its curb appeal. But unfortunately, your outdoor landscaping is often undone or overlooked – an afterthought – when preparing your home for sale. But did you know that a well-maintained and attractive landscape can add up to 20% to your home’s value?

That said, here are the top three easiest landscaping and lawn care ideas to ensure you sell your home fast and for more:

Mow the Lawn

Overgrown grass can actually distract buyers from the beauty of the house. So, you should mow the lawn to create room for your main attraction – your home! Also, edging your lawn along plant beds and driveways gives your outdoors the perfect finishing touch. 

Pro tip: Mow your lawn to about 2 inches. Mowing lower than that could make your lawn more vulnerable to weeds and dry spots, which won’t impress buyers. 

Add Seasonal Splashes of Color

Adding splashes of color is one of the easiest landscaping ideas to sell your home. Consider using seasonal plants to bring bright colors to your landscape. Bright colors can add contrast and make things “pop,” so you should use them where buyers will see them, including walkways, entryways, and patios. Moreover, utilizing unique pots as focal points will show the design possibilities of your home, while using tropical in these pots adds an interesting flair. 

Lighting is Key

Installing lights will illuminate your home and keep your landscaping a focal point of the house, even after the sun sets. Plus, lighting offers a premium feel and serves as a safety feature to make your home look more livable. Besides, if your house has features like a fire pit area or barbecue grill, lighting can extend outdoor usage time as well.

Easy Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home in Hunt, TX!

Your exterior and landscaping are the first selling point that buyers will see, so they have to be well-maintained and attractive. For more answers and ideas about improving your landscape quickly and inexpensively to sell your home in Hunt, TX, reach out to our real estate pros at (210) 446-9902 today!

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